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Taiwan Wi-Fi router
NT$ 188|

Since Article 4 of Taiwan's Telecommunications Risk Management Telecommunications Act Fundamental Principles stipulates that the sharing device is a communications product, you are required by law to provide a copy of your ID card when picking up the device as of 2023/09/01.

Proof of identity is required as follows: 1. foreign nationals should provide a passport 2. Taiwanese citizens should provide two copies of identification (passport + ID card or driver's license)



.4G high-speed reception|widest, high quality, and stable mobile network coverage in Taiwan.

.Unlimited data, unlimited Internet use|Google Maps at your fingertips, check-in at any time and share your travel experiences.

.Free wireless Internet phone calls|Place free calls using mobile communication APPs, such as WECHAT, LINE, SKYPE, and WHATSAPP; Use your mobile phone or laptop to call wirelessly, free of charge!

.Affordable network plan|Thin, compact, and affordable device that provides Internet access to multiple users.

.Convenient airport collection|Book online and collect your device from a helpful representative at the Unite Traveler airport counter!


Device name|ZTE Zhongxing/MF910

Telecom provider|Chunghwa/TaiwanMobile/FarEasTone

Data|Unlimited data

Max. Transfer speed

Transfer speed|4G LTE

Charging time|Approx. 4 hours (charger voltage 100-240 V)

Battery capacity|2300 mAh

Continuous use|Approx. 6 hours (connected to one device)

Max. connections|5 devices

Weight|105 g

Dimensions|115*65*15 (mm)

Remarks|LED display; press and hold the power button for five seconds to start up the device